Parfumminiaturen | Miniature Perfume Bottles  

Hello Perfume Pals !

Nice to meet you here! My name is Astrid (or "Mausi"), and I live near Munich in the southern part of Germany.

I have been collecting miniature perfume bottles for about 18 years. In the beginning I only collected a few. Then I acquired more and more, especially since I started buying on Ebay. Since I was registered with the American eBay first, I was able to add many pieces to my collection and many vintage items. Of course,I did not only buy the mini bottles but also added small originals (1st & 2nd sizes with 1/4 and 1/2 fl.oz), American dime store novelties (pretty small perfume presentations which were offered at drugstores or supermarkets for a few cents in the 50's & 60's) and for about 10 years now my passion includes also the solid perfumes from Estée Lauder, and other older makers such as Max Factor, Florenza and so on.

After so many years of collecting there occur collecting preferences, and changes in taste. It's not always easy to remove this or that from the collection but I would have to sleep under the roof if I would decide to keep everything. So it's the best way for me to offer the mini and perfume bottles I no longer want to keep here mainly for sale, or now and then, for trade. Meanwhile I limited my collection of mini bottles and flacons to the following criteria: maximum height of 4", maximum contents of 1/2 fl.oz, 1st & 2nd sizes preferably still sealed and with box, NO mens' scents, and year of issue not older than 1970. Only from a few manufacturers I still will add the newest mini bottles to my collection.

During the next weeks and months my website will be extended by many offers - it is worthwhile if you frequently check back to see what's new here. In addition, I occasionally will add new offers of miniature perfume bottles and flacons to eBay online auctions (my eBay user ID is "mausi1").

If you have any questions or want to place an order, please contact me via e-mail. On the page "Information" you get details about the general course of an order and probably there are the answers to most of your questions. Therefore: PLEASE read it, it's really helpful and important - thank you !

For the lovers of Estee Lauder solid perfumes & powder compacts !!!
A must for collectors with lots of information and contacts to many very nice & helpful collectors (international) is the website SOLIDPERFUME.COM in English language. Registration is FREE.
For purchasing EL solid perfumes & powder compacts I'm very happy to recommend Donna ( and Micky ( Both ladies are very helpful in every respect - but you have to communicate in English language.

And now - have fun !

For people stepping by here by chance because they search for a certain scent I have to mention the following: collectors like me do not care much for a scent itself, scents may change over the years, and collectors buy the perfumes mainly for the bottles. If you intend to order a bottle because you want to use the scent, I cannot guarantee it's useable condition or that it smells like it should - I hope you understand.

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